Loopt SMS Spam Issue Fixed

Earlier this week we mentioned that Loopt, the location-aware social network app for the iPhone, had been causing some users a little trouble by sending their phone contacts SMS messages inviting them to the service, and they weren’t aware of why. The people at Loopt have been kind enough to let us know that they have since fixed the issue.

Here’s what they told us was happening:

“When you clicked the “Who’s on Loopt” button, all of your contacts that are current Loopt users were auto-selected to receive invites. A total count of people receiving invites appeared at the bottom of the screen. However, we have since disabled that functionality due to customer feedback and confusion. We are working on an improved invite flow that will include an invite confirmation screen that will be released very soon. “

They also sent out their apologies for the inconveniences it may have caused.

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