Locate Your iOS Device Even When It’s Dead

It’s one of those things that most iOS device owners fear most: losing their prized technological investments, which in our case are our iPhones, iPod Touches and iPads. Though Apple have provided a useful way for tracking your device, with the Find My iPhone application, its features don’t suffice. A new Kickstarter project aims to keep your device within your confines at all times – even when its battery is dead.

Last Alert recently sprung up on the popular community funding website, Kickstarter, and it claims to aid in locating your iPhone or iPod Touch (when it has Wifi of course/unfortunately). There are three main features to the application when/if it launches after potentially being funded within the next 28 days. They include:

1) The application will audibly notify you via push notifications when your device is running out of juice. Options are configurable, with the user being allowed to select up to three percentages of battery life for when the app is to notify you. This type of notification is hardly a new feature on the App Store, but it’s just the beginning of what else the application has to offer…and it’s useful!

2) Email notifications are the next forte of this highly boastful application. Prior to the death of your iPhone, or other iOS device for that matter, an automatic email will be sent to a configured email address with the last known coordinates of your phone. These coordinates will obviously be able to opened via Google Maps for the exact location of your device and can also be viewed from another iOS device if the application has been installed there.

3) This feature is incomparably superior to what Apple’s official Find My iPhone application provides. If you’ve got the app installed on yet another iOS device, it will lead you directly to the last known location of your device via the in-app compass. You’ll be given directions such as being told a specific distance northeast and will also hear sonar beeps as you come closer and closer to your device’s location.

In the case of someone stealing your device, though, the above probably won’t help much unless the culprit decides to charge your phone or is too dull to restore the device prior to. However, if it’s an immediate situation where you absolutely need your phone (late for work, leaving to go somewhere, etc.) the application is surely helpful.

Kickstarter video:

If you’re at all piqued by the idea and want to see the success of Last Alert, you can head over to Kickstarter and pledge some money. A mere $5 will secure you the application, with larger amounts scoring you some more personal gifts of gratitude such as cookies, songs from the developer’s children and more.

“Come to the dark side, we’ve got cookies!” – Sorry, just had to end on that note!