Lightning to Micro USB Adapter Now Available from Apple

In a move that could have very well been avoided had Apple originally integrated a Micro USB port into its iOS devices starting first with the introduction of the iPhone 5 back in September, the Cupertino-based technology giant has added a new adapter to its wide inventory. As hinted above, the adapter sports a Lightning port on one side and a Micro USB port on the other to allow support for any accessories with a Micro USB connection.

The new device, as the name suggests, allows users to connect their Lightning iOS devices to accessories or other products that otherwise use Micro USB as a connection method. There are already a few other adapters that are currently available from Apple. These include the Lightning to 30-pin adapter as well as the 0.2 meter cable version of said adapter. Apple retails both of these at $29.00 and $39.00, respectively.

While other websites offer the newest Lightning-Micro USB adapter at low prices (some even going below $10), Apple’s official adapter is retailing online and in stores for $19.00. You can check it out here. A list of Lightning-equipped devices is included below for your benefit.

Although they’re appreciated, it seems as if Apple is simply milking the new Lightning adapter by charging extra money for the plethora of available adapters that the company offers. Had it just integrated a Micro USB port into the iPhone 5 rather than switching from the 30-pin connector to the current 9-pin, all of the hassles involved with purchasing and carrying additional adapters would’ve been avoided. What do you think?

Lightning-equipped devices:

-iPhone 5
-iPad Mini
-4th-generation iPad
-5th generation iPod Touch
-7th generation iPod Nano