LED Soccer

LED Soccer is the third sport to join touchGrove’s line of old-school LED games for your iPhone and iPod Touch. Continuing with their tradition of photo-realistic graphics and exact duplication of the cheesy sounds, LED Soccer looks and feels just like original LED games from your youth (or maybe your parent’s youth), minus the annoyances of the flakey 9-volt battery connection. 

Use the four navigational arrows to direct your player (the bright red dot) towards the goal, avoiding the defenders. When you have an open path between you and the goal, tap either of the white kick buttons to score. Stand still too long, the opponent steals the ball, or kick it into the opponent and the ball goes out of bounds.

The simplicity of the gameplay allows even the youngest users to get a kick out of this game (no pun intended), but the game is still challenging enough for the older players to enjoy as well.

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