Leaked AT&T Memo Compares iPhone, Blackberry Storm

BGR has gotten their hands on what they claim is a leaked internal memo from within AT&T. The memo includes several talking points about the Blackberry Storm, RIM’s iPhone competitor, which will be launching on the Verizon network. It compares the two devices and lists reasons why they think the iPhone is better. It could be a sign that AT&T is worried about the new competition.

Among their biggest reasons for the iPhone kicking the Blackberry Storm’s butt are the fact that it has:

  • no multi-touch for zooming
  • no Wi-Fi
  • no App Store
  • no tri-band HSDPA
  • a crappy browser
  • no iTunes

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BGR claims to have gotten the same memo from two independent sources, so there’s a pretty good change this thing is real.

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