Late April May Bring the Overdue White iPhone 4 Launch

Another month, another rumor about the white iPhone 4. This month’s white iPhone 4 rumor is brought to you courtesy of Bloomberg, who says that they have a source who knows that it will be available at the end of April. According to the source, it will launch simultaneously on both AT&T and Verizon.

Apparently the issues kept piling up for mass-producing glass with a white finish. One of which that was newly reported today was that if the finish became heated, the paint would peel.

Previously Apple had stated that the white iPhone 4 would release during the Spring. In total, almost ten months have passed since the planned date. If the company is going to follow their usual schedule and release iPhone 5 during the Summer, then it would make no sense to release four new models (white 16GB and 32GB offerings for both carriers) now. However Bloomberg echoes recent rumors that iPhone 5 will not follow the usual release schedule. According to the report, it won’t even be announced until Fall.

The release of the white iPhone 4 may hold the market over for a short amount of time while Apple prepares its predecessor for production. It will certainly boost sales by just a little, enough to keep sale numbers from getting as low as they usually do while customers anticipate the launch of the new latest-and-greatest.

With rumor after rumor after rumor and delay after delay after delay, can’t Apple just finally launch the thing already and stop the madness? Too much buzz circulating a simple variation of a product that should have been on store shelves twelve times already according to previous rumors. There is an option to purchase the iPad 2 with white glass, so the iPhone 4 can’t be too far off. Right?

Written by Michael DeLisi