Last Two Weeks of September Set for New iPhone Launch?

Let’s say you hypothetically happen to work for AT&T. Then you figure that September would be perfect to take a vacation since there will be quite a few post-summer discounts, so you attempt to schedule vacation days for the end of that month. To your dismay, the request is denied because of what the company calls an “event blackout.”

After hearing the disappointing news, you exclaim to your boss that you have worked for AT&T for years and should be allowed to use your limited vacation days whenever you’d like. The boss understands but instates that it is simply company policy because something important is about to happen. Going back to your fellow employees frustrated, they remind you that the new iPhone has yet to be released. So that has to be the reason for the boss’s refusal, right?

Okay, so now you’re back to yourself, a reader hopefully amused by my lame introduction that covers the news in a role-playing (and revolutionary?) sort of style. Don’t worry, I will not make you decipher the above yourself; what kind of journalism is that? According to an employee who had contacted Gizmodo, AT&T will deny requests for vacation days during the last two weeks of September due to a need for employee to be in-store assisting customers.

In the past, this “event blackout” has signified that a new iPhone would be released. It is unlikely that AT&T would anticipate increased business for any other reason during the rumored timeframe for the new iPhone’s launch. If the calendar really is covertly marked at AT&T stores for the end of September then all signs point to that being when users will be able to buy it.

The only question left is when Apple will hold a keynote to introduce iPhone 5. Sounds like we won’t have to wait long once Apple reveals the highly-anticipated details.