Large Independent Publisher Signs with Apple, iBooks

Perseus, one of the largest independent publishers who also distributes works from 330 other small presses, signed a deal last week with Apple to sell their books via the iBookstore on the iPad. The deal is similar to deals Apple has made with five of the six biggest publishers in the industry. Perseus says they will have books available in the iBookstore when the iPad is available on April 3.

Large publishers have been open to working with Apple to be listed in the iBookstore because Apple is allowing the publishers to set prices, unlike agreements with Amazon where the publishers typically have no control over the eBook prices. Smaller publishers, however, have been reluctant to talk with Apple for fear they would be removed from Amazon’s huge distribution channels, something Amazon did briefly during a dispute with Macmillan.

Apple has also said they will not let other retailers sell a book for a lower price than the price in the iBooks app. This could be interesting for Amazon’s Kindle app and the Barnes and Noble eReader app, which both promise to sell eBooks directly from the iPad.

[via The New York Times]

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