KTF In Talks With Apple For iPhone In South Korea

CEO Cho Young-chu of Korea Telecom Freetel (KTF) said today that they have begun negotiations with Apple to bring the iPhone to South Korea. “We have been trying to bring the iPhone here, but we have to wait,” said Cho. “The deal is up to the supplier, not us. Because the (Korean) market is so small, they will not release it until they have confidence in its marketability here.”

Other South Korean phone carriers have been reluctant to enter negotiations to get the iPhone because of it’s powerful and popular web browser. Where on other devices they are able to get away with forcing customers to use bad internet service for high fees. If they were given the iPhone, it is likely that Apple would negotiate an unlimited internet plan as they have with other companies.

Slightly more unusual, however, are claim by one KTF official that the iPhone, where it sold in Korea, would not use the GSM network technology it currently has been built with, but would instead use the new WCDMA platform. While this has been considered a simple achievement, Apple’s willingness to do this is not known.

[via Korea Times]

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