Kickstarter Funding A Smart Cover-like Product for the iPhone

Whether or not Apple is planning on rolling out a little brother to their Smart Cover accessory currently only available for the iPad 2, entrepreneurs have already seen the light in the clever product. Namely, the TidyTilt which is actively being funded by the large Kickstarter community.

Obviously taking the exterior design of Apple’s Smart Cover, the TidyTilt serves as multiple things. Firstly, it’ll serve as an easy way to store your earbuds. Currently, you probably just tangle up your headphones and shove them in your pocket besides your iPhone. The TidyTilt allows you to wrap them vertically around your iPhone and close up the open gap with the two edges of the actual product.

As another function, you’re able to use the TidyTilt as a stand. Much like how you’d use the iPad’s Smart Cover to prop it up on any surface, you can fold the Tidy Tilt into the same triangular shape to get your iPhone to reliably stand up. Whether it be for movies, to simply go hands-free or what, it certainly does serve as a handy alternative to other cases.

Unfortunately, because the iPhone doesn’t come with tons of magnets built in, there’s an additional part to the product that must be installed prior to regular usage. This is a small, magnetic frame that attaches to the back of your iPhone using adhesive and is what you’ll use to do both of the aforementioned products. Thankfully, this frame comes with its own perk – you can use it to attach your iPhone to any magnetic surface: the fridge, your computer, etc.

The people behind the TidyTilt have assembled a nice little video to explain the making of the product as well as pretty much every other use for it. Check out this video below:

I’m just wondering if Apple will allow this endeavor to exist for vary long. We’ve seen some intolerance from the Cupertino company when other companies of attempted to steal their design. While the TidyTilt does resemble its likely/aimed larger brother, it offers more than what the Smart Cover can do and functions quite differently.

The project’s funding still stretches on to January 29th, 25 days from now, and it’s already achieved over 300% of its original goal. If you want to back the project, a $19 backing will secure you a TidyTilt which comes in many different colors. I’m pretty anxious to check one of these out when they release.

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