Kensington’s Hands-Free Bluetooth Car Kit for iPhone

Kensington’s Hands-Free Visor Car Kit for iPhone is, as its name implies, a bluetooth speakerphone for your car’s visor. It allows you to take and place calls without needing to hold your phone or wear one of those dorky Bluetooth headsets. It comes with two rechargeable battery packs that together give you a total of 20 hours of talk time.

The most important thing to focus on with any Bluetooth visor kit is audio quality. For the most part, audio coming out of the speaker was loud and clear. It was a little harder to hear on the highway or if the windows were down. People we called using the speaker usually reported that it sounds quite good, although it does tend to boost the treble. This does distort the audio a bit, but it seems to make my voice easier to understand. The speaker also has a volume slider on the front for quick volume adjustments.

There are several features that set this speaker apart from similar products. Three programmable speed-dial buttons work much like radio preset buttons. To set one, simply call the number from your iPhone and press and hold the button of your choice for a few seconds. When it beeps, your preset is ready! You can have three presets for each phone paired to the device and each button lights up whenever you’re calling or receiving a call from a number in your presets. There are also markings on each button so they can be identified without looking at them.

Kensington’s also done a fantastic job addressing how the device is charged. Similar products often have an internal battery and require you to take the unit inside to charge. The Kensington Visor Kit comes with two swappable, rechargeable batteries so that one battery can charge while the other is being used. Each battery provides 10 hours of talk time, for a total of 20 hours between the two. The battery charger can charge using the included USB car charger or any other iPhone charger. This means that you can charge the spare battery in your car so that you always have a fully charged battery. The included USB car charger also works as an iPhone charger.

The one thing I don’t like about this product is that it’s a little fat. Because of its thickness, I wasn’t able to fully flip down my visor. I was still able to keep the sun out of my eyes, but I do feel that it’s worth mentioning. This may or may not end up being an issue for all drivers; it depends on your vehicle.

Overall, Kensington’s Hands-Free Visor Car Kit for iPhone is another awesome product from Kensington. In our opinion, it’s the best Bluetooth car speaker available. I use it every day and highly recommend it!

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