Juice Pack Helium Saves iPhone Battery Problem

Does a lack of iPhone 5 battery life get you down?

Mophie, the makers of the new Juice Pack Helium, may have solved the problem by introducing its new plastic battery case, which integrates a small lithium-ion battery and can slide right into the pocket.

The battery is hidden within the case and packs 1500 milliamp hours (mAh), which gives the iPhone 5 just about twice the battery life.

“If my iPhone displays the (too-familiar) 10-percent battery warning, the Juice Pack Helium can push the phone’s battery back up to over 90 percent charged,” according to Lex Friedman of Macworld.com. “Mophie says to expect an additional six hours of 3G or LTE use for calls and data, or up to seven hours of additional Wi-Fi usage.”

The case is rather slick. At three ounces and 0.59 inches thick, it comes in as one of the slimmest profiles ever to hit the shelves.

You can see the case’s controls at the Helium’s base. There is a button, a slider switch and a series of LED battery-status lights. If you push the button, you can see how much battery life your phone has in 25 percent increments. It also has button cutouts for the speaker, volume controls and the camera.

One of the few drawbacks of the Helium casing is that it comes in with just two colors: silver metallic and dark metallic. Though it looks sharp, it may still not be finger-print resistant. Friedman cites that he used a cleaning solution to wipe away his prints.

Still, there is much to praise about the Juice Pack Helium. Not only is it a sleek design, but if you’re one of those battery-watching hypochondriacs, than the boost in iPhone battery life can only make life easier.

The Juice Pack Helium comes in at $80.

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image credit: coolhunting.com