Jobs Confirms Universal Mailbox for iPad in Recent Email

Steve Jobs has come out of his shell somewhat lately to offer controlled leaks regarding the iPad and iPhone OS via email. In the latest episode, per 9 to 5 Mac,  Jobs sent a message from his iPad Build 7B359 to say that there will be a way to import docs (from iDisk or into iWork on the iPad and the iPad/iPod/iPhone’s will eventually have Universal inbox functionality.

Universal inbox functionality is something users have hoped for, but it is unlikely to be in iPhone OS 3.2 as that’s mostly an incremental update and and a rewrite would seem to indicate a new version of the OS.

It would also appear that Steve Jobs is not an early adopter and build 7B359 one build behind the current iPad 3.2 beta 5 build.

Stay tuned for additional details as they become available.

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