Jailbreakers Can Soon Tweet Using Siri

While we’re on the topic of Siri, we’d like to address a new jailbreak tweak that will allow users to capitalize on Apple’s beta creation by allowing you to do something that she (augmented technology, really) doesn’t currently support: tweeting.

Twitter has grown to be such a large player in the world of social network so why Apple didn’t throw in the seemingly simple addition of tweeting through their clever Siri, I don’t know, but jailbroken users will soon be able to do so. Promising to be released this week, the developer of many popular Cydia apps and tweaks, InfectionFX, also assures that Siri will be able to do this.

If you’re jailbroken, you’ll be able to download the tweak soon, which is currently lacking an addressable name. All you have to do is speak the following to Siri: “Tweet (your tweet)” – Siri will then send the tweet to the account that you’ve got configured on your phone. How you’re going to tweet from a specific account if you’ve multiple ones configured on your device isn’t apparent quite yet, but I’m sure that’ll be along the lines of speaking the name of the desired account.

See the tweak in action:

Now, there in fact is a way to tweet using Siri if you aren’t jailbroken, which we’ve listed the steps to before, but chances are you’ll want to bypass them if you’re jailbroken for the sake of being lazy.

1) Login to your Twitter account
2) Setup mobile notifications
3) Confirm your number
4) Add “Twitter” to your contacts along with the according number (40404)
5) Whenever you want to tweet handsfree, you simply tell Siri to text Twitter and compose your tweet

You’re technically texting Twitter your tweet, but hey, it works. That’s all that matters, right?