Jailbreak: Questionable Siri Alternative Without Proxy

Meet Sara – the “best Siri alternative” from a group of Vietnamese developers who have made the virtual assistant available for [jailbroken] iOS devices, including predecessors.

It’s been tested for months now, and it’s finally able to be downloaded from the Cydia store. Sara is supposedly an alternative to Siri that is compatible with older devices as well. Via Modmyi, the virtual assistant is a tweak that is available for free. Plus, it retains the Apple aesthetic by seemingly copying all of Siri’s assets.

According to the screenshots provides, of which some are displayed below, Sara boasts more capabilities than Apple’s own creation, which is currently in beta. For example, you can search for directions anywhere in the world. Anywhere. Not just the United States and Canada like Apple have limited you to. Additionally, there’s this full list of features:

- Find local business & direction (everywhere, not only US and Canada)
- Search for song from
- Call, message
- View the movie schedule from nearest cinema
- Read newspaper (via RSS)
- Check mail
- Remote control PC
- Search videos from youtube, search google, wikipedia
- Toggle on/off system functional (wifi, bluetooth, 3G, ..)
- Translate, support > 37 languages
- Read barcode, qr code then find price, local business sell this
- OCR feature (Image to text), you can use Sara instead of scanner
- Social network support, user can take a photo then send to their facebook, twitter
- Search product price, local business
- Open apps
- Weather
- Answer any questions, you will be surprise with Sara’s knowlede: Ask for Barrack Obama years old, Distance from Earth to Moon !,…

From the screens, though, and from the above feature list quoted directly from the forum post that has linked to before, there’s some questionably humorous English in the UI of the tweak. It’s also been reported to crash unexpectedly and often as well as give a few nonsense answers. So, if you want to check it out for an older device and let us know how it was, go ahead by all means – we’re interested. Even though it doesn’t look too promising, it may be okay for those seeking a considerable Siri alternative. Regardless, I’ve got a 4S and Evi installed, so I need not worry.