Jailbreak Only: Autofill Option for Entering App Store Password

There are some minute qualms with iOS for which we greatly thank the existence of the jailbreak community. One of those is the fact that iOS requires you to enter your iTunes password repeatedly whilst downloading new apps or app updates – this quickly becomes a tedious task.

While the above described is tolerable when you’re actually purchasing applications, it seems necessary when downloading free apps or updates. Thus, the jailbreak community has come to the rescue with a new jailbreak tweak dubbed PasswordPilot Pro.

To take advantage of the tweak’s functions, you simply enter your iTunes credentials in the area dedicated to the tweak within the settings application. The password will be stored securely using NSA-approved encryption standard, and it will be entered automatically upon requesting to download a free app or an update off the App Store.

You can specify whether or not you want the tweak to enter your password when purchasing premium applications. The tweak will work using all of Apple’s fronts including iBooks, iTunes, the App Store and in-app purchases.

Indicated by the tweak’s name, it comes along with a price. PasswordPilot Pro is available in Cydia for $1.99.