iTunes Music Gets Variable Pricing, 8 Million DRM-Free Tracks Added

In edition to the ability to download music on the iPhone 3G over the 3G network on AT&T, Apple also made several changes to the pricing and copy protection for the songs available. Today they announced that for the first time since the iTunes Music Store opened, pricing for songs would be divided into categories based on their age to determine their price.

Songs between 0-6 years old will remain the standard $0.99. Songs older than 6 years have been dropped in price to $0.69, and songs that are considered “current” have been bumped up in price to $1.29. And for those of you worried about the new $1.29 price, Phil assured the audience that there would be a lot more $0.69 songs than there would be $1.29 ones. The changes will take place in April of this year.

He also announced that they would be expanding their iTunes Plus offerings to include 8 million songs that can be upgraded to 256kbps and DRM free, which will later be updated to include their entire catalogue of 10million+ songs.

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