Is Jony Ive Responsible for Apple’s “Low Performance”?

Apple rumors are always juicy, but this latest one takes the cake. Apple is falling apart because Jony Ive and its design team have too much power, designing ultra-sleek products that are difficult to manufacture. This, according to a respected analyst.

Paul Kedrosky is a Canadian venture capitalist.  His argument has to do with the iMac demand, namely the supply and demand balance.

Apple can hardly catch up with demand and the future isn’t looking bright, although Tim Cook underscored that the company will do everything possible to keep the Mac and other product’s supply and demand in balance.

From Kedrosky’s perspective, Ive has too much power at Apple, caused by the power-vacuum following Steve Jobs’ death. He says Jobs was brilliant in keeping the company from “over-designing” its products and he suggests that everything worked smoothly while the co-founder was at the company.

That’s only one perspective, and I can say it’s an interesting theory.

But you know what?

The reality looks totally different, and it demonstrates that Kedrosky has no clue how Apple–and its design process–work.

First of all, Ive was Jobs’ left hand and he gave Ive much more operational power than anybody else at Apple – except Jobs, of course.

Jobs even told Walter Isaacson, his biographer, that he set the company up this way. Kedrosky says nothing new, but blames Ive for Apple’s so-called “low performance.”

There is one good reason why Jobs wanted Ive to have this type of control: Jobs saw many once-successful companies fall because the leading creative minds were replaced by sales people.

Creativity and innovation are permanently embedded in Apple’s DNA, so Ive being responsible for creating stunning products is absolutely normal at Apple.

Did the company have issues with supply-demand balance? Turns out it did. And that was right after the iPhone launched.

Since then, Apple has continuously faced the same trouble: remember the months of delay of the iPhone 4S and the arrival of the white iPhone, iPhone 5, and, oh yes, iPad mini supply constraints?

That’s business as usual at Apple. As far as Apple rumors go, this one’s dull; with Ive on its payroll, Apple is in very good hands.

[Via: BusinessInsider]

Written by Istvan Fekete; Edited by Mike Crook