Is Apple Releasing an 8GB iPhone 4 in a Few Weeks?

On Monday, I quickly touched on how the aging iPhone 3GS is still selling well and how its holding its spot as one of the top selling phones years after its release. There seems to be a new Android device released everyday, yet the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS are outselling them all.

Yesterday’s NPD report revealed that Android and iOS increased their market share in quarter 2 of 2011. It also revealed that one in five new phones sold in Q2 were on a prepaid plan. This confirms what some analysts and tech blogs have been saying for the last few months. Apple doesn’t need to rush their next-generation device to hold their grip on the smartphone market, and releasing that rumored mid-ranged iPhone might be a great idea.

Splatf pointed out that the introduction of the Verizon iPhone, delay of the white iPhone, and numerous iPhone 3GS price cuts helped Apple increased their market share in Q2 of this year. So while the introduction of a new affordable iPhone might not seem exciting to Apple fans and tech bloggers, it could help Apple boost sales in emerging markets.

On Tuesday, Reuters announced that Apple has begun manufacturing a lower-priced version on the iPhone 4. An 8-gigabyte flash drive is purportedly being developed by a Koeran company for the revamped device. Could this be the dead iPhone 4S rising from the rumor grave? Reuters still seems convinced of a bigger touch screen, better antenna and an 8-megapixel camera, plus a September launch for the next-generation device. The rumor mill has changed the face of the iPhone 4S so many times that it’s hard to tell if Rueters is suggesting the launch of three new iPhones or two.

This rumor may seem kind of old, but at least it’s consistent. Unlike other tech blogs who have been contradicting themselves over and over, by trading one iPhone rumor for another with the drop of a hat. The unnamed source said that the 8GB iPhone 4 is expected to launch within weeks. Which doesn’t really tie into the new rumored October 7 release date for the iPhone 5. Maybe Apple plans to launch the new iPhone 4 version quietly, and make a spectacle out of the iPhone 5 later?

[via Reuters]