iPhone Was Almost Called Something Else

What if the iPhone was named something completely different? What if Apple opted to call its handheld device something a bit more catchy, like Mobi, Telepod — or even iPad?

It may appear strange at first, but former advertising creative director Ken Segall told a marketing class at the University of Arizona that the Cupertino-based company considered these names before eventually landing on the iPhone, according to 9to5Mac. While the name “iPhone” was originally the frontrunner to begin with, the company had some issues with trademarking the idea considering Cisco had previously owned it for its Internet-connected system. Apple eventually struck a deal with the Cisco to use the iPhone name before it came out in 2007.

But through that legal scuffle, Apple brainstormed a few other ideas, you know…just in case. According to Segall, Mobi was the first name to be considered. It might sound a bit odd, but the company liked that it was a shortened version of the word mobile and gave the handheld device some “personality.”

The next iPhone name under consideration was the TriPod. Apple felt that it might have been best to work off the popularity of the iPod while conveying the phone’s three main functions: “a music player, a phone and [a browser for] the Internet.” Apple was even in the process of using this as a key selling point in its advertising efforts, but in time, the tech giant decided against it.

Apple also considered naming its device the TelePod or the iPad. Both would, again, work off the idea of the iPod, but none of them gained significant traction.

Segall has been a wide contributor for both Apple and Intel. He was the originator behind Apple’s enormously-popular “Think different” campaign, worked alongside Steve Jobs in the 1980’s and 1990’s with the computer company NeXT and authored Insanely Simple.

[per: ABC News]

image credit: techtips.salon.com