iPhone Rate Roundup: Netherlands, Switzerland, Hong Kong

iPhone 3G prices and rate plans/tariffs have been announced for the Netherlands with T-Mobile, Switzerland with Swisscom, and Hong Kong with 3. T-Mobile is offering a base plan of €29.95/month for 150 minutes and 150 SMS, and the iPhone will cost €79.95 for the 8GB and €159.95 for the 16GB. Their midrange plan costs €44.95/month offers 300 minutes and 300 SMS messages, and lowers the price of the 8GB to €1 or €79.95 for the 16GB.

Their high-end plan costs €64.95/month, offers 500 minutes and 500 SMS, and cpsts €1 for the 8GB and €19.95 for 16GB. More information is available on T-Mobile’s website here (Dutch).

Swisscom has announced four basic plans for subscribers in Switzerland. The first is liberty piccolo, which offers the 8GB iPhone 3G for CHF 249 and CHF 349 for the 8GB, costs CHF 25 a month, has a CHF 0.70 hourly call rate, and includes 100 MB 3G data. They also have a prepaid plan called easy liberty uno that offers CHF 0.80 per hour of calling, charges CHF1 per 1MB for data, and costs CHF 519 for the 8GB and CHF 619 for the 16GB. Information is available on their website here.

3 Hong Kong has announced their plans for the iPhone 3G. Information is available at their website here.

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