iPhone OS 3.0 Beta Feature Galleries

Apple news sites Apple Insider and World of Apple have put together screenshot galleries containing all of the new features found by users digging around in the latest versions iPhone OS 3.0 betas that were released to developers in recent weeks. The galleries show new features found in the iPod app, Mobile Safari, battery life indicators, push notification preferences, and data recognition.

World of Apple‘s gallery shows several features related to podcast playback in the new iPhone 3.0 beta, including:

  • adjustable scrubbing rates for Podcast playback
  • adjustable podcast playback speed
  • a new button that rewinds the podcast to 30 seconds prior to the current location
  • a change in the iPod app icon’s alignment on the springboard
  • podcasts on the device now show Run Time, Time Left and Date Published

Apple Insider‘s gallery shows several other features, including the following:

  • the ability to close the last existing window in Safari without first having to create a new one
  • ‘time remaining’ indicators for battery life that show approximately how much operating time you have left
  • Push Notifications preference windows for toggling Sounds, Alerts, and Badges
  • several applications will gain the ability to recognize types of data within text and use them accordingly, such as the ability to tap a phone number to dial it, tap an email address to send a message, or tap a street address to search for it in the Maps app

[via MacRumors]

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