iPhone Launches On Two Carriers In Egypt With No GPS

The iPhone launched in Egypt today, and, as announced, the devices do not have GPS functionality. The device launched on Vodafone with 150, 250, 350 and 550 EGP plans, respectively. They start with 150 minutes, 50 texts and a sparse 250MB of data a month, and go all the way up to 1,200 minutes, 200 texts and 1GB of data.

Mobinil, the second carrier in Egypt, offers the devices for the same prices of 3,800 EGP for the 8GB and 4,450 EGP for the 16GB, but offer no plans specifically for the iPhone. Instead users just chose from their standard plans or a pay-as-you-go service.

Those of you in Egypt hoping to get an iPhone for GPS features are out of luck, however, since the GPS has been disabled due to the Egyptian government’s ban on GPS devices in the country.

[via Gadgets Arabia (translation)]

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