iPhone Falls To #3 in TIME’s Top 10 Of ’08, iPhone Accessory Gets #1

The iPhone 3G has fallen two spots in TIME Magazine‘s ‘The Top 10 Everything of 2008‘ list, having been dethroned from the #1 spot they were awarded in 2007. The magazine commends the device for having launched a rebirth of mobile computing, offering over 10,000 mobile applications since the launch of the original device.

However, most of the credit they offer is not so much for the device itself, but for the software development revolution that surrounds it. TIME criticizes the device for being what they consider an otherwise normal phone. “It doesn’t handle email as well as the cheapest BlackBerry, and as a telephone, it’s no better than most cell phones.”

Interestingly, the top gadget on their list is actually an accessory intended for use with the iPod and iPhone product lines. The #1 for 2008 is none other than the Optoma Pico pocket projector that we were drooling over last month. Not surprisingly, it costs more than the iPhone or iPod you plug it in to, retailing at $399.

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