‘iPhone Developer’s Cookbook’ PDF Available

Not too long after the guys at Pragmatic Programmers announced that they were going ahead with their book “iPhone SDK Development” and published a beta PDF, Erica Sadun announced that she too would be publishing her book on iPhone app development, “The iPhone Developer’s Cookbook”.

The book covers a wide range of topics for app development, including recipies to:

  • Utilize views and tables
  • Organize interface elements
  • Alert and respond to users
  • Access the Address Book (people), Core Location (places), and Sensors (things)
  • Connect to the Internet and Web services
  • Display media content
  • Create secure Keychain entries
  • And much more

It also mentions how to incorporate Cover Flow for creating a rich visual experience.

Like PragProg, she too has released her book in PDF format, which you can grab now for $28.79 at informIT, or wait for the paper release due for October 15.

[via TUAW]

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