iPhone Developers Complain of Specialized Treatment for App Store Support, Access

UK web site The Register is reporting that certain high-profile iPhone app developers can simply call a dedicated contact at Apple to get assistance with App Store issues. The article quotes Mike Simon, CEO of LogMeIn, who describes that a representative at Apple had recently called the company and offered to be a single point of contact for any App Store-related issues. Simon stated, “We now have a number we can call to ask questions.”

LogMeIn is the developer of LogMeIn Ignition [App Store, $29.99], an app that offers one-click remote control of a Mac or PC from an iPhone, an app that has also been featured in Apple’s print and television ads promoting the App Store.

Simon also mentioned that he is aware of one other developer with similar access to App Store support, but declined to name this developer.

This type of direct and personalized access to App Store developer support is a distinct departure from the experiences of other developers who have made public their trials and expressed frustration in getting information from Apple on the app approval process. In the case of software developer Tapbots, the company recently encountered problems with their Convertbot app [App Store, $0.99], experiencing a rejected update over an icon that was too similar to one used by Apple in its own apps.

Apple’s response to the FCC after its inquiry into the purported rejection of the Google Voice app specified that there are “40 full-time trained reviewers” and that “at least two different reviewers study each application so that the review process is applied uniformly.” It is not known if the dedicated contact reportedly available to LogMeIn is part of this staff.

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