iPhone Armor by OtterBox

Who’s the most abusive iPhone owner you know? The guy who always drops his latest gadget, sits on it, gets it wet, what have you. If you’re “that guy”, then OtterBox has just the case for you. The iPhone Armor Case was designed to be the toughest iPhone case available, and it certainly fits the bill. Completely waterproof and rock-solid, this case is great for even the most abusive iPhone owner.

Description: OtterBox’s iPhone Armor Case offers superior protection for the iPhone. Made of a single piece which hinges open, the Armor is completely waterproof. Two latches allow the case to open and your iPhone slides in from the bottom. A headphone jack plugs into the phone and acts as a passthrough for headphones with the case on. Clear waterproof membranes cover the camera hole, screen, and the Apple logo. The screen is easy to use and the membrane over the camera doesn’t seem to distort the image too badly. There is access to every button with the case on, except for the sleep/wake switch.

Pros: The greatest advantage to this case is that it’s waterproof. It’s also extremely durable. You have access to all the phone’s buttons and camera. All the sensors function properly, as well. The headphone passthrough is also quite clever. If you’re looking for the most rugged and durable iPhone case, this is the one you want.

Cons: There are a few things that really disappointed me about this case. For one, it can only go about 5 feet under water before liquid will start seeping in. Not bad, though in most circumstances. More disappointing is that you can’t use your phone by putting it up to your ear. To use it with the case on, you need to use headphones or a bluetooth headset. This is because the passthrough disables the earpiece. Also, speakerphone doesn’t work because the microphone doesn’t pick up sound. The ring/silent switch is also covered, although it’s fairly easy to access. The speaker is also quite muffled, so you may miss a call or two.

Bottom line: The iPhone Armor is supremely rugged. This is the only one I’ve seen that’s absolutely waterproof and it’s fairly easy to assemble. It won’t fit in a pocket, and it has its share of other issues. I do recommend it for those who need protection from water damage and constant abuse.

The iPhone Defender Case is available for $69.95 from OtterBox.com.

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