iPhone Alley’s 2008 Holiday Gift Guide

Looking to get the perfect gift for that iPhone owner in your life but you’re not sure what to buy? Have no fear! We’ve tirelessly tested all of the hottest iPhone gadgets we could get our hands on to bring you a comprehensive list of all things iPhone. From speakers to headphones to cases to bluetooth headsets, we’ve got you covered.

Below is a list of our favorite iPhone accessories sure to impress any iPhone owner on your list. Enjoy!

iTunes Gift Card
An iTunes Gift Card is the perfect gift for any iPhone owner. Available in varying increments, it can be used to buy iPhone applications from the App Store. Of course it can also be used to buy music, movies, and TV shows. Learn more here.
iPhone 3G Gift Card
Know someone who wants a new iPhone? With the iPhone 3G Gift Card, you can give the gift of iPhone 3G. Available online and at Apple Retail Stores, this card can be purchased in any amount starting at $25 toward the cost of a new iPhone. The remainder can be used for accessories. Learn more here.
Apple Gift Card
The perfect gift for that Apple fanboy in your life. The Apple Gift Card can be used to purchase anything at the Apple Retail and Online Stores. Learn more here.

Incase Slider Case For iPhone 3G – $34.95
The Incase Slider is one of our favorite iPhone 3G cases. It’s a hard plastic case which comes in a variety of colors and finishes.

Why we like it:
The Slider is incredibly well designed. It has a very simple, clean aesthetic that’s hard to ignore. The bottom comes off to allow your iPhone to be docked and the hard plastic assures that the case will take a beating and leave your iPhone spotless. A must have for any iPhone owner who loves great design.

Case-Mate Naked Case for iPhone – $29.99
The Naked Case is a completely see-through acrylic case unlike any other we’ve seen. It provides complete protection and even includes a built-in screen protector that keeps your iPhone’s screen safe from scratches.

Why we like it:
The Naked case is extremely sturdy for an acrylic case because of its “slide-on” design. The front is totally protected and you can see every inch of that gorgeous iPhone you’re protecting under all that plastic.

Marware SportGrip – $19.99
Our pick for favorite silicone iPhone case. The SportGrip provides a great deal of protection against drops, bumps, and scratches. It’s made of a high quality slip-free silicone and comes in multiple colors, including white and black.

Why we like it:
The SportGrip provides a great deal of protection at a great price. It’s perfectly fitted for the iPhone, looks great, and even comes with a screen protector and cleaning cloth.

Vaja ivolution Top SP – $85
An incredibly high quality leather case, the ivolution Top SP will make everyone around you jealous. Made from hand crafted leather perfectly fitted for the iPhone, this is our favorite sub-$100 case. The Top SP can be customized to your heart’s content at Vaja’s website. This is the perfect case for those who want only the best.

Why we like it:
Incredibly beautiful and very well designed. Your entire phone is protected by gorgeous leather. Its simply one of the best leather cases for the money.

Marware C.E.O. Premiere – $34.99
The C.E.O. Premiere is a leather holster case made with the executive in mind. It’s extremely well designed and looks fantastic. The exterior comes in black or vanilla and is the perfect case for pros who like wearing their phone on their belt.

Why we like it:
This case is one of the best holster-style cases we’ve seen. It’s incredibly well built and is surprisingly professional looking compared to the other, more dorky holster cases. The closure flap is magnetically held which means no annoying velcro noises when you reach for your phone. It also comes with a screen protector and cleaning cloth.

ZAGG invisibleSHIELD – $24.95
Consisting of a nearly impenetrable, ultra-thin skin, the invisibleSHIELD belongs to a category of its own. The invisibleSHIELD completely covers your iPhone, adds nearly no extra bulk, and protects against almost any scratch or mark possible.

Why we like it:
Because it’s an extremely thin skin which is applied to your iPhone, it adds almost no extra bulk at all. It’s made from the stuff that protects helicopter blades and can handle almost anything you throw at it. For those who want a “naked” iPhone without the fear of scratches, the invisibleSHIELD is the perfect fit.

OtterBox iPhone 3G Defender – $49.95
Perfect for clumsy iPhone owners and workin’ men alike, the iPhone 3G Defender is one of the most rugged cases on the market today. It provides full protection from anything but water.

Why we like it:
The Defender consists of two parts—a hard inner-shell which keeps dust and dirt from getting into your iPhone, and a rubber outer skin for absorbing impact. The dock and headset jack are protected by rubber covers and every feature of your iPhone is available with the case on.

Case-Mate Signature Leather Case – $34.99
Case-Mate’s Signature Series Leather Case is a leather case for the rest of us. Weighing in at $35, it’s at the right price for anyone looking for the style and protection of leather.

Why we like it:
This case will protect your iPhone well without compromising its style. It feels great in your hand and even comes with a screen protector and cleaning cloth.

Case-Mate Carbon Fiber Leather Case – $49.99
Similar to the Signature Leather Case, the Carbon Fiber case is made of a rare style of leather which is often used on high-end cars. It looks great and comes in white, black, or silver.

Why we like it:
This case looks fantastic, and feels even better in your hand. The material is lined with an impact resistant shell to make sure your iPhone stays pristine even when dropped.

Altec Lansing T612 – $199.95
Altec Lansing’s T612 was the first “work’s with iPhone” speaker dock. It lets you play music through your iPhone without needing to put it in airplane mode to avoid cellular interference. It also works with any iPod model.

Why we like it:
The T612 is one of the best speaker docks we’ve tested in its price range. It looks fantastic, has a great mix of highs, mids, and lows, and fills a small to medium sized room without effort.

Bose SoundDock Series II – $299.00
The Bose SoundDock is the speaker dock to have. It looks great and works perfectly with an iPhone or any iPod model.

Why we like it:
The SoundDock is the best sounding iPhone speaker dock we’ve been able to get our hands on. It fills a room better than the T612 and its mix of highs, mids, and lows are perfectly balanced. If price is no object, the Bose SoundDock II is exactly what you’re looking for.

Logitec Pure-Fi Anytime – $99.99
The Pure-Fi Anytime, as its name suggests, is an iPhone clock-radio. It sits comfortably on any night stand and comes with a myriad of features, including dual alarms, AM/FM radio, remote control, and motion-activated controls.

Why we like it:
Clock-radios aren’t necessarily known for their great sound, but the Pure-Fi Anytime delivers. It has a fantastically clear sound that will easily fill your bedroom. The screen is easy to read and the motion-activated snooze button is just too cool For its price and quality, this is the clock-radio to have.

Altec Lansing inMotion MAX – $199.95
The inMotion MAX is a portable speaker dock which works perfectly with the iPhone or any other iPod. The unit’s docking cradle and stand are both collapsable for portability. It also comes with a built-in AM/FM tuner.

Why we like it:
Not only is the inMotion MAX one of the best sounding portable iPhone speakers we’ve tested, it’s also one of the slickest. Touch controls along the top let you control the dock’s features and the included remote lets you control your tunes from a distance. For its price, the inMotion MAX is the perfect balance of form, function, and sound quality.

Etymotic hf2 Earphones – $179
The Etymotic hf2s are a high quality pair of earphones designed specifically with the iPhone in mind. It includes an inline microphone and function button for answering calls and easy music control.

Why we like it:
An iPhone Alley favorite! These are some of the best sounding earphones we’ve tested with the iPhone. Etymotic took some of their best earphones and created a solution perfect for iPhone owners. The audio quality is fantastic for the price and the convenient inline mic and call control button is perfect for listening to music on your iPhone.

v-moda vibe duo – $101
One of the earliest headphones made specifically for the iPhone, the vibe duos represent a fantastic pair of headphones. This headset features an inline microphone and button for music and call control, and comes in several different colors.

Why we like it:
For the price, the vibe duos are a fantastic pair of headphones. They’ve got quite a bit to offer in the low-end, and aren’t bad in the mid and high-end either. For those on a budget looking for a great upgrade from the included iPhone earbuds, the vibe duos are perfect.

Shure SE210MPA – $179.99
Jumping in at $1 more than the Etymotics, the SE210MPAs came out of a marriage of Shure’s SE210 sound isolating earphones with their Music Phone Adapter. The Music Phone Adapter fits perfectly in the first generation iPhone’s recessed headset jack and comes complete with a Shure microphone and button for taking calls.

Why we like it:
The Shure SE210MPA is one of the best headsets we’ve tested. The earbuds themselves sound fantastic and the inclusion of a detachable mic and button make this a fantastic step-up for audiophiles who love their iPhones but don’t want to lose the convenience of an inline mic.

Etymotic etyBLU – $129
Etymotic’s etyBLU is one of the coolest bluetooth headsets we’ve seen in a while. It’s actually an in-ear headset built with the same quality as Etymotic’s wired headphones. It comes with a detachable boom style mic for ultra-high quality outgoing audio.

Why we like it:
An iPhone Alley favorite! The most attractive aspect of this bluetooth headset is its in-ear design. It can be used with or without an ear loop and the detachable mic boom adds an additional element of quality. If you’re a fan of in-ear headphones, this is the headset for you.

The New Jawbone – $129
Whether or not you’ve ever considered a bluetooth headset, you’ve likely heard of the Jawbone. Its claim to fame is its ability to completely eliminate almost any background noise you throw at it. Need to make a call at a noisy concert or while you’re riding a jackhammer? Not a problem, thanks to its NoiseAssassin technology.

Why we like it:
The new Jawbone represents a substantial improvement over the original Jawbone. It’s more comfortable, louder, and delivers even better noise cancellation. The new ear loops are lined with leather for extra comfort and it’s much smaller than the original. If you work in a noisy environment, the Jawbone is a a perfect fit.

Apple Bluetooth Headset – $99
Apple’s bluetooth headset is designed specifically for use with the iPhone. It’s incredibly light and compact. Most importantly, it bonds with the iPhone on a level that no headset can.

Why we like it:
This is one of the sexiest headsets we’ve ever had a chance to play with. The level of integration with the iPhone is unmatched and its battery level is actually displayed on the iPhone’s screen. However, this headset does have limited battery life and may not fit well in every person’s ear. It’s the perfect accessory for someone who doesn’t mind substituting battery life for beauty.

Incase Power Slider – $99.95
Incase’s Power Slider is unlike any external battery we’ve seen for the iPhone. Not only is it a battery that’ll double your iPhone’s battery life, it’s also a full-blown protective case. Currently available in black, it’s the coolest battery available for the iPhone 3G today.

Why we like it:
The Power Slider not only borrowed its name from the Slider case, but it took design and aesthetic cues from it as well. This case is extremely low-profile and slides easily into your pocket. It doubles your iPhone’s battery life and protects your precious investment from drops, bumps, and scrapes.

Mophie Juice Pack – $99.95
Available for the iPhone, iPhone 3G, and iPod touch, the Mophie Juice Pack is one of the most notable iPhone battery packs available today. The Juice Pack will more than double your iPhone’s battery life and doesn’t inhibit the use of any features.

Why we like it:
The Juice Pack is one of our favorites. It can either be used to double your battery life or provide emergency power when your iPhone runs low. When the Juice Pack is dead, simply remove it and enjoy your fully charged iPhone. Your iPhone can even be synced through the Juice Pack.

Kensington Mini Battery Pack – $49.99
Kensington’s Mini Battery Pack clips onto the bottom of your iPhone for an immediate boost of power when you need it most. The battery pack uses a standard 30-pin iPod connector so it’ll work with all of your iPods and iPhone.

Why we like it:
This compact little battery is perfect for emergencies when stopping to recharge isn’t an option. It’s great to keep in your bag when the need arises. It won’t double your iPhone’s battery life, but it will add about 3 hours of talk time in addition to the standard 6 hours. A great buy for the price.

Kensington Battery Pack – $69.99
The Battery Pack and Charger for iPhone is an external battery pack that connects via a USB cable. It’s best used to rescue a dying iPhone, although it can also be used to recharge anything that charges over USB (bluetooth headsets, iPods, etc).

Why we like it:
The Battery Pack and Charger for iPhone can double your iPhone’s battery life or completely recharge your phone if it’s dead. It recharges quickly and a battery meter lets you know how much power you have left. A perfect accessory for those who are always on the go.

Belkin TuneBase FM – $99.99
Belkin’s TuneBase FM is our favorite FM transmitter made for the iPhone. It comes with a myriad of adapters to fit nearly every iPod and iPhone model available. It powers your iPhone while it transmits music through your car stereo.

Why we like it:
The TuneBase FM is our favorite for a few reasons. The most obvious is that it works best of all the transmitters we’ve used. It also acts as a dock for your iPhone, which keeps the clutter down in your car. And finally, you can rotate your iPhone 90 degrees to access cover flow mode.

Kensington Windshield Mount – $29.99
Kensington’s Windshield Mount allows you to keep your iPhone at eye-level in your car at all times. The neck is completely adjustable for nearly any viewing angle. It’s also designed to hold onto nearly any iPhone or portable device.

Why we like it:
The most important thing to consider when getting a car mount is if it’ll fall down. Kensington’s solution uses a lockable suction cup that’ll stay on your windshield. The flexible arm is fantastic for any viewing angle and the adjustable side clamps fit snugly on the iPhone or any other mobile device.

Incase 2-in-1 Wall & Car Charger – $39.95
The Incase 2-in-1 Wall & Car Charger combines two products into one. It can charge your iPhone in the car as well as in the house using the fold-out AC plug.

Why we like it:
Not only is this adapter functional, it’s also extremely well designed. You can bring the charger in from the car and continue charging in the house without skipping a beat.

DLO Auto Charger for iPhone – $24.99
DLO Auto Charger for iPhone is the perfect accessory for iPhone owners on the go. It’ll keep your iPhone topped off wherever you are. The end of the adapter also includes a charging indicator so you can see when your iPhone is done charging.

Why we like it:
This simple adapter is great for keeping your iPhone charged. It comes with a coiled cable which stretches to 3 feet and the charging status indicator is great for telling what stage of charge your iPhone is in.

The Apple iPhone 3G Dock is a great accessory for organizing your desk and displaying your iPhone. More info here.

You can never have too many power adapters and the Apple USB Power Adapter is a great way to go. More info here.

Already have an adapter that doesn’t work with your new iPhone 3G? The Scosche passPORT will add the necessary compatibility whether its an older power adapter or an aftermarket head-unit. More info here.

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