iPhone 5′s Third Mic: “Intended for Much-Improved Siri, Videos, and Calls”

As if two microphones were not enough, Apple has gone a step further with iPhone 5 to improve its mic system. Clearer audio and a wideband range of frequencies are just two features that the three-microphone setup brings to the mix.

We have heard from a close source that had a chance to try out iPhone 5 that their experience with the new, reworked audio capture is a big improvement. The source tells us that Apple’s main reason for adding the third mic was so that Siri can better focus on a user’s voice, as well as for the intent of “much cleaner” audio in videos taken on iPhone 5.

During time spent with Siri on an iPhone 5, it was noted how much more receptive the voice assistant was at recognizing what is being asked; a sharp contrast to Siri’s misinterpretation errors that seem common in iOS 5. Siri’s additional accuracy seemed to be a mixture of iOS 6 improvements as well as the significantly enhanced audio system.

With the main purpose of the third microphone next to the camera flash on the back being to analyze noise, taking the distance of sounds into calculation and comparison with the main microphones, background distractions can be eliminated much more so with the trifecta mic setup.

In conjunction with an all-around mic upgrade to a wideband audio setup, which utilizes more sound frequencies that are closer to those of natural human speech, iPhone 5 boasts vastly clearer audio. Although U.S. carriers will not be on-board for wideband calling at launch, it will not take too long until you can “hear me now” – in crystal-clear quality, nonetheless.