House Robbery Prank Tests iPhone 5 Buyers’ Will Power (iPA Original Video)

When we stumble across fantastic gems on the Internet, we become ecstatic to share them with our readers. After a YouTube browsing session led to the discovery of Bad Ads from Chris, a brilliant “prank show” that involves its ringleader Chris posting seemingly normal public ads only to turn them on their heads in the name of hilarity and ridiculous situations, we had to go a step further so we got in touch with Chris to do a prank with him – so fast forward to today, when the fruit of our brainstorming has culminated into a prank that is on the brink of becoming the next big viral hit revolving around iPhone 5.

In a collaboration between Chris and myself, Chris begins the prank venture with an ad looking for somebody to purchase a new, lightly-used iPhone 5. Of course, to potential buyers of the world’s dismay, crazy events end up testing people’s will power and judgement when faced with the prospect of a significantly discounted phone – leading to an ending that leaves the victims in a pompous sweat.

As Chris and I were throwing ideas around, we came across one that could be done in time to capture the wave of popularity surrounding iPhone 5. We picked the idea apart, ultimately meeting a vision of “seeing how far” somebody would go for the device.

Yet, the video also proves the generosity of Bad Ads. To let you in on a secret… Chris actually did give away a full-price iPhone at the end of the video, not even charging as the “bad ad” had stated. Hey, a potential panic attack had to have been worth something.

With a video that is about to explode on YouTube, I am very happy to have helped Chris get his first big break on his YouTube channel in our collaboration on the prank and congratulate him. Do check out the rest of Chris’ videos here, they are all just as LOL-funny.

There is another secret in the video that only iPhone Alley readers will get, we’re not telling…

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