iPhone 5 Mini Concept

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Rumors of a low-cost iPhone being in the works–in an effort reach customers across the globe– just don’t stop. The launch of the iPad mini reinforces once again Apple’s ability to answer to market demand and deliver a high-class product.

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts that Apple will launch a new design of the iPhone 5, a theory which is in line with earlier rumors setting a cheaper iPhone launch to the second half of 2013.

Although there is a long way to go until the presumed introduction of the affordable Apple handset, designers not affiliated with Apple have released images which depict what they believe such a device would look like.

Martin Hajek has given his input on the possible new iPhone design. He was the creative mind behind awesome iPad mini renderings that went viral around the Web last year before the device was officially introduced in October, as well as gorgeous iPhone 5 renders that appeared completely authentic.

Now from Hajek’s perspective (and he seems to agree with Kuo, although there is no connection between the two men), the iPhone mini–Hajek’s name for the new device–will be reminiscent of the iPhone 5′s great design.

There will be some noticeable differences, the first one being its size: it will be shorter. Also, the mockup suggests that the device will also be thicker, and it sports the good old Apple-standard 3.5-inch screen, despite Digitimes‘ claims that it will have a bigger screen.

The mockup looks good, but the two-tone design doesn’t seem to work, and with plastic as Apple’s alleged choice – customers could wind up missing the colors. What do you think?

[via: Nowhereelse.fr]

Image source: Nowhereelse.fr

Written by Istvan Fekete; Edited by Mike Crook