iPhone 5 Coming in August!

The iPhone 5 is coming in August! Our friends over at Boy Genius recently reported that the iPhone 5 may be in our hands sooner than we all thought. They were told by a reliable source that the rumors surrounding an iPhone 4s, an iPhone 4 with better guts, is false. The next iPhone for release, will be an iPhone 5 and we should be prepared for a new outside design. The introduction to the new iPhone will no doubt happen after the iOS 5 release. What is the point of having an iPhone 5 without the latest iOS? It was assumed that the iPhone 5 would not be announced at the annual September event, which is normally all about the iPod. However, a source has suggested to BGR that Apple may break tradition. They may hold the event the beginning or middle of August to announce the iPhone 5. Then the iPhone would be available for purchase by the end of August. No word yet on if they will also announce any iPod news at this time or if they will wait for a later date.

Thisismynext recently introduced a new tapered case design for the iPhone 5. Is this what we should expect?