iPhone 5 Almost 3x More Powerful Than New iPod touch – iPA B

This should come as no surprise to those that have carefully peered through the fifth-generation iPod touch’s specification sheet, although it still does decidedly come as an over-the-shoulder shock and a reminder of just how different Apple’s iOS devices are for buyers that are looking for a full iPhone 5 replacement. Benchmarks for the newest iPod touch reveal just how much it contrasts with the iPhone 5, retaining a spot as its cheaper alternative.

Donning a nearly identical iPhone 4S-era A5, this week’s release of the new iPod touch may not seem to be quite as much of a performer as enthusiasts would hope upon initial testing. Testing performance with benchmark results provided by proven tool Geekbench 2 pins the new iPod touch at slightly above iPhone 4S, although iPhone 5 blazes past it with a score that is almost triple what the A5 was capable of:



Do these results translate to real-world usage? Yes, although the A5 will be a fully-capable and supported chip for at least another year to come.





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