iPhone 4S/5 Rumor Roundup Video

Imagine a video that takes an unimagineable amount of iPhone 4S/5 rumors and combines all of them efficiently with the utmost amount of polish to give you the optimum roundup you’ll ever get if you’re an Apple fanboy simply waiting on your toes for the new phone. That’s what French blog NowhereElse has done and all in under two minutes.

The following video was made in order to give you an overall idea of what to expect this September when the newest iPhone in Apple’s lineup is most probably going to be announced. It cleverly displays multiple mockups sporting rumored features that have all been in question as well with the probability of each materializing. All of this is made to be surprisingly aesthetically-pleasing as well as presented in a compilation that runs for less than two minutes. Check out the video:

The French blog have hit almost spot on with all of the various rumors, though some such as 4G LTE support probably won’t happen this year even with considering the 50% probability that its according mockup was displayed with. Even though the video wasn’t one hundred percent correct, it’s still a mostly accurate and very interesting representation of what to expect come September.

As always, we’ll keep you posted.

[Via Nowhere Else]