iPhone 4 Self-Combusts on Plane

Passengers flying aboard the Australian airline, Regional Express, flight number ZL319, had quite a scare this past Friday as they discovered an iPhone both emitting smoke and glowing red with heat just as the domestic flight landed.

Flying aboard the flight from Lismore to Sydney, the passengers all encountered this iPhone 4 which was flaming hot, red and smoking. According to a press release by the airline, obtained by TheNextWeb, a flight attendant was to follow company safety procedures in that he or she had to ensure the “red glow was extinguished successfully.”

Fortunately, no one was hurt aboard the flight as it had just landed and the iPhone was taken care of. The problem with the device? Either one requiring recall, which we recently saw with 1st generation iPod Nanos, or simply a user inflicted one-time case. The pictures, however, point to an issue with the device’s battery.

No, it's not a smelly iPhone...

While this doesn’t happen much often, there have been multiple cases with users claiming their iPhones have acted similarly to the one as described above. So if you experience your iPhone majorly overheating, you may want to take safety precautions and take it in to Apple as soon as possible. Otherwise, we’ll keep you posted on any developments, if any are to follow.

[Via TNW]