iPhone 3G Popular In Japan

Before the iPhone 3G was launched in Japan, some analysts were saying the iPhone would have a difficult time gaining ground in Japan due to it’s lack of 3G and the cultural elements like scanning QC codes or a way to enter Japanese characters, or Sony’s RFID-based “FeliCA” swipe chip for using Japanese vending machines. While this all may have been true for the iPhone, the iPhone 3G is enjoying great success.

Japanese technology business journal Tech-On wrote in their report “”iPhone Affects KDDI’s Net Subscription Growth,” SoftBank has taken 215,400 of the 391,500 new carrier subscriptions for the month of July in the country. “We believe our large net growth was an iPhone effect,” SoftBank representatives said.

Rival service provider KDDI agreed with the statement, noting that the number of subscribers transferring to another service away from KDDI surpassed the number of new customers coming in for the first time during July.

It is estimated that it’s success was due in large part to the iPhone’s unique interface, it’s simplicity, and the popularity of the Apple brand resulting from the iPod.

[via Tech-On]

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