iPhone 3G Owners Not Eligible for Full Subsidized Upgrade To iPhone 3G S

A move that’s likely going to infuriate quite a few of you, Apple (or more likely, AT&T) has decided to not pass on the subsidized iPhone 3G S price to current iPhone 3G owners. For iPhone 3G folks, a 16GB iPhone 3G S will cost $599.00 and a 32GB iPhone 3G S will cost $699.00. Original iPhone owners seem to be eligible for the subsidized pricing.

There’s been no official word from Apple regarding the move, but Apple’s website indicates that 3G owners are ineligible during in the iPhone purchasing process. See the image below.

Because current iPhone 3G owners purchased their phones at a subsidized price, the carriers need to make back that money. For most customers, that means waiting several months to become eligible for a subsidized price. If you want to get the phone now, you’ve gotta pay for the full price of the hardware.

Other iPhone 3G customers are being offered $200 off the full retail price if they’ve had their contract for 6 months or more.

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