iPhone 3G Antennas Re-Tested On “Defective” Units, Results Same

Earlier this week some scientists at Bluetest tested an iPhone 3G for possible hardware problems that could be causing the strange reception issues that some users have been complaining about. Last time they tested what they believed was a perfectly normal iPhone 3G that they had experienced no reception problems with. More recently they tested two more iPhone 3G’s, and this time they were ones that had displayed the reception issues mentioned.

The two iPhone 3G’s for the second round of testing were leant by users Peter Planstedt and Stephanie Semic. They live in an area where most phones get full bars, but for some reason that’s not the case with their two iPhone 3G’s.

Interestingly, the results of the tests for the “normal” iPhone 3G and the two allegedly “defective” ones from Peter and Stephanie were almost identical. We’re guessing that based on this, the chance that the problems some users have been reporting is the result of defective hardware is pretty unlikely. Hopefully that software update Steve Jobs promised for September will clear the problem up.

One possibility that Bluetest CEO Mats Andersson points out is that people may be incorrectly judging their reception. However, he notes that this is not always an accurate indication.

“To look at the bars is a very unreliable measurement method. There can be differences of 10 – 20 dB by moving the phone half a meter, or if a car drives by,” says Mats Andersson. “And there is no standard on how the bars should be displayed.”

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