iPhone 2G Modded With Glowing Logo

I’ve been an avid MacBook Pro user and fan for some time, so this is probably one of my favorite mods yet. A group of Russian iPhone modders were apparently not satisfied with the iPhone’s shiny chrome Apple logo, and decided to modify an iPhone 2G’s back case to make the Apple logo glow, and pretty darn bright , too.

The device was the handywork of the people at GPDA.ru. The mod involves simply removing the chrome logo and replacing it with a glowy one. This video was created of one of the modded devices in action.

You’re guess is as good as ours on if it’s fake or not, but if it is, it’s a pretty good one. They haven’t released any instructions yet, so we’re still in the dark (har har) on how exactly to do this.

[via iNews76]

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