iPad To Have Widgets, App-Specific URLs, Dictionary Files?

The iPad SDK for OS 3.2 hints at a few unannounced features for the iPad. The first one is a Mac OS-like dashboard for widgets. In the new version, the Contacts app is referred to as  LittleBrownBook instead of MobileAddressBook, and is catigorized as “stand-alone-contacts”, implying that there will be another one that won’t be stand alone.

Another interesting hint is that “web snippets are not opened by the Web app anymore.” in other words, Springboard is now routing the user’s clicks on URLs to the appropriate app to handle the link. Not only will this mean new things for links to things like phone numbers and email addresses, but links in emails could now open in third party apps. (Consider what happens when you click on a “view this message” email from Facebook on the iPhone; it opens in Safari. This evidence suggests those links would open in the Facebook app. Cool, right?)

Also found is the existence of dictionary files on the iPad, which seem to be another throwback to the Mac.

[via Apple Insider]

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