iPad mini vs iPad: Mini Packs More Screen for Its Much-Tinier Size

Even though iPad mini may come in a smaller package, it still packs a lot of screen real estate into its form factor with its 7.9″ display compared to iPad’s 9.7″. In fact, the display-to-size ratio is significantly better on iPad mini. For the trade-off in dimensions, iPad mini provides a superior screen real estate that will not feel all that cramped for regular iPad users. Exactly how much of the display does iPad mini, with its absolutely immense reduction in size and weight, pack compared to iPad? Read on for the specifics.

Calculating the area of strictly the display of both tablets provides a more intricate, reliable comparison than simply the diagonal sizes of 9.7″ and 7.9″. The iPad’s display area is slightly over 45 square inches while iPad mini sizes in at 29.6, representing a 34% difference between the tablets’ displays. If we compare the entire surface area of each, iPad mini comes in at a reasonably-tiny 41.7 squares inches as iPad comes at the 40% sizable price of 69.5 square inches.

There is simply no comparison between iPad and iPad mini’s size when we take what very well may be a tablet’s most perturbing issue into account: weight. A 52% reduction makes iPad figuratively feel like holding a full computer while the mini could be considered just a few pieces of paper. Factor in how iPad mini fits a similar tablet design inside a 23% thinner chassis, and iPad mini feels like the future of tablets. If only its internals were not so painfully outdated.

Nonetheless, iPad mini will display the same exact amount of content as its older counterpart since it sports a proportionate 1024×768 resolution. So if your iPad can fit twelve items or images on the display at a time in a certain app, then the app will appear with twelve items/images on the mini as long as developers do not decide to scale up artwork and text (which is unlikely); i.e. such as how a 15″ display with a 1080p resolution will be able to fit the amount of content as a 60″ TV with a 1080p resolution. Despite having a miniaturized display, iPad mini will not display less than iPad by default.

With 66% of iPad’s display, iPad mini manages to not only boast 40% smaller surface dimensions but also maintains a 23% thinner profile and most importantly: a 52% reduction in weight. Dropping down to a 7.9″ display (even though it is an antique; a fairly standard screen lacking Retina that we desperately hope is upgraded in the next iteration) may not seem like such a terribly big difference, now does it?

Note: the image featured in this article, which we color-corrected is courtesy of PCMag.

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