iPad Mini to Be Announced on October 23? + iBooks Spotlight – iPA B

We know “iPad mini” is coming, which is seemingly unbeknownst to the rumor whirlwind. Its announcement timeframe should remain within the bounds of the month, on Tuesday, October 23 to be more specific. It is said to be a smaller event than a regular keynote, fitting for the tablet.

Amongst an invitation-only crowd of mainly press and media, Apple would be set to unveil the 7.85″ iPad mini on a tradition-breaking, dissident day of the week for this type of event if AllThingsD‘s sources “familiar with Apple’s plans” are to be believed.

iBooks are reportedly set to be front-and-center in the spotlight for this event as Apple focuses on re-emphasizing and promoting its virtual bookstore.

Editor’s note: Microsoft is about to release its first in-house developed tablet on Friday later that week, a time where iPad mini would be taking the spotlight. Choosing October 23 could be strategic timing as iPad mini will be fresh in the market’s minds, making for a situation in which consumers would be hard-pressed to hear about Microsoft Surface tablet without a mention of that week’s newly-announced Apple tablet.

Look out for the 7.85″ addition to the iPad lineup, the world will be watching October 23 if the date rings true.

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