iPad Mini Release Date Pointing Towards November 2 – iPA B)

With tensions running high over exactly what Apple may announce at its event scheduled for Tuesday, buyers are curious exactly when they will be able to order before the holiday masses. Clear your calendar, we are are hearing that iPad mini will be released on Friday, November 2.

Apple typically launches major new products on Friday, and the date does seem in-line with the announcement followed by pre-order then release two-week span we are expecting.

The date comes from a Tweet by 9to5Mac: “We’ve heard whispers of Nov. 2 iPad Mini release date but nothing confirmed. Date makes sense (Friday) and we know stock is ramping”

We are also expecting a new Mac Mini, iMac, 13″ MacBook Pro with Retina Display, and possibly a brand new fourth-generation 9.7″ iPad.

Who’s looking forward to owning an iPad mini bright and early November 2?

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