iPad mini Event Invitation’s Hidden Meaning (Our Speculation) – iPA B

As the iPad mini announcement inches closer, we do believe the design of the invitation has a significance beyond alluding to a “little” tablet. If our hunches are right, Apple is planning to offer another product lineup that will give users options to personalize their iPad mini much more so than the current iPad. What exactly do we mean?

There could be a method to Apple’s colorful madness that the invitation was created out of, revealing another hint of what’s to come. Stemming from an indicative rainbow could very well be the prospect of iPad mini being offered in a plethora of colors.

Not such a crazy conclusion when the entire iPod lineup is available in up to seven colors. We would not go as far as saying that every color on the invitation will be an iPad mini choice (that would be six options, not counting the obligatory black and silver) although the invitation only reinforces the possibility that iPad mini will follow after the new iPods in this aspect.

We would like to think every detail on an Apple invitation stands for a piece of product information. Maybe they had no ideas beyond a rainbow, although that is unlikely. Perhaps some of the other products announced will be more colorful… still, I would vouch for the invitation at least preluding to a new Smart Cover. Frankly, I have little doubt that iPad mini will be available in more than one color; even if the other color is simply black.

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