iPad May Gain Printing Ability with iPhone OS 4.0

Come the release of iPhone OS 4.0, the iPad may gain the ability to print. Per Daniel Eran Dilger, Apple has hinted at the prospect of printing being an included feature in iPhone OS 4.0 via support pages for iPad’s Pages, Keynote, and Numbers apps each note that “printing directly from iPad is not currently available,” rather than simply stating that the apps do not print. 

For the time being, Apple is directing its users to send their documents to a desktop computer that can print them, either via email or using iPad’s new file sharing feature in iTunes.

The ability to print via Bluetooth or WiFi may likely be part of Apple’s iPhone 4.0 announcement on Thursday. Through this method, Apple could avoid the need to include the massive amounts of printer drivers used by Windows or Mac OS X by simply supporting a limited subset of printing options.

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