iPad Coming to The UK on April 24th?

Apple’s iPad UK launch date remains a secret despite the company waiting to do their toe-tappin’ song and dance number about iPhone OS 4.0 tomorrow in San Francisco. Per Bitter Wallet, sources have pointed to an exact date as to when the tablet will go on sale overseas.

Two sources have come forward to state that the iPad UK launch will take place on Saturday 24 April. One insider is someone who
“claims to be an Apple employee,” while the other says Apple’s store staff are not allowed to take holiday on the 24th, suggesting some sort of red letter day is scheduled.

Apple store staff in Canada have reportedly been placed on holiday lock down for the same day, and the weekend seems a reasonable time to launch as well.

Stay tuned for official word on the iPad’s UK availability as well as its UK price in the coming days and weeks here on the Alley.

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