iPad 5 Rumored to Launch in October, iPhone 5S to Feature a 13MP Camera

This year–just like the one before it–Jeremy Hortwitz of iLounge had the opportunity to hold a physical model of the next generation iPad in his hands much earlier than any of us could. This time, he suggests the iPad 5 will boast some amazing features and changes, some of them a direct influence of the iPad mini design which has seen a tremendous success among reviewers and consumers alike.

According to Hortwitz, the initial plan was for the iPad 5 to be released in March, but now his sources are hearing that the release will occur in October. This is subject to change, however, given that at this stage release dates are pure speculation.

But more interesting is the iPad 5 design, which pretty much looks like the above rendering.

Yes, we can say it is a “stretched iPad mini,” as it virtually has no left or right bezels, with only enough space above and below the gorgeous screen to make space for the mandatory camera and Home button. It’s thinner and most importantly it seems like it will be smaller than we could ever imagine the iPad could be.

Also, with the iPad 5, Apple will likely adopt the IGZO technology and a less power-hungry version of the A6X chip, possibly the result of the 28nm process, courtesy of Apple’s partnership with TSMC, although there was no official announcement made yet.

As far as the iPhone goes, Apple is indeed working on a cheaper iPhone designed for emerging markets, as the current price is too high (considering that the entry level iPhone costs $849 in China).

The high-end version of the iPhone will pretty much look like the iPhone 5 (following Apple’s product design pattern) and it is likely to feature a 13MP rear camera, provided by Sony, with July rumored as the release date.

Written by Istvan Fekete; Edited by Mike Crook

[Via: iLounge]

Image credit: Martin Hajek