iPad 3 Details Indicate That It May Launch This Year

BizJournals may have a source with solid information on the iPad 3. However for whatever reason, hours afterward the article containing details about the next, highly-anticipated iPad was pulled from BizJournals. That leaves us to pulling apart a recap of BizJournals’ information from TekGoblin.

According to the original report, the display on iPad 3 will have a (truly groundbreaking) 2560×1920 resolution. That is super high-res, and at six times the pixel density of the current iPad, it definitely qualifies as a Retina Display. To be blunt, its display will look stunning if true.

That impressive specification is paired with a launch date that seems fairly unlikely. Rather than a release next year as part of an annual cycle, iPad 3 would reportedly release in time for the holiday season this year.

It does seem like Apple would sell even more iPad tablets during the holidays if the release cycle is changed to fall since customers would not have to worry about their gift becoming outdated within a few weeks as had happened to 2010 holiday buyers. Still, individual products see more distinct, constant exposure with separate announcements so it may not be the best idea to release so many new products around the same time, making the source of the “grain of salt” kind.

Quarter four of this year would put the next-generation iPad’s launch alongside new iPod models (orĀ not) and a new iPhone according to other rumors. Well, there certainly would not be a shortage of new Apple products to put under the tree!