iPad 2 on March 2

With FLASH!!! No, I kid, I kid.

Sources have claimed that Apple will release the iPad 2 one week from today. All Things Digital claims to have confirmed from several outside sources that Apple will be making the announcement on March 2nd, which is said to be held in San Francisco.

There is even speculation that Steve Jobs will be there despite his current medical leave.

I think we are all anticipating what new features the new iPad 2 will contain. There has been talk about it including a front and rear facing camera. There will most likely also be an improvement in the display as well as some discussion about doing away with the home button. It seems like Apple may want move away from using any type of physical controls by using only the touch screen.

Regardless of what the rumors have been, we won’t have long to wait. In just one week we will know what Apple has up it’s sleeve this time.

Will any of you be first in line for the iPad 2?