iPad 2 Apple Event Recap

Today Apple held an event in San Francisco at 10a.m. PST. Per the invitation to the event, we knew there would be talk of the iPad 2. Many rumors swirled around and most of what we heard came to fruition. Here is a recap of the event.

Steve Jobs came out first announcing a partnership with Random House and iBooks. This will allow users to read more books than ever using the iBooks app.

Steve announced that Apple just sold their 100 millionth iPhone.

Steve begins talking about the progression from iPod to iPhone to iPad and the success of each. He says, “We sold 15m iPads… that’s more than every tablet PC ever sold.”

They showed video of iPads being used in schools, hospitals and with special needs children.

Then he says, “Today we’re going to introduce iPad 2.”

“What is iPad 2. What have we learned? It is an all new design. It’s a completely new design. And it’s dramatically faster. We have a new chip we call A5.”

“We go all out on the graphics performance. Up to 9 times faster. Same low power as A4. This will be the first dual core tablet to ship in volume.”

“Second, we’ve built in some cameras for video. We’ve got a rear and front facing. More on that in a few minutes.”

“We’ve also built in the gyroscope we have in the iPhone and iPod touch.”

“Having built in all this stuff, one of the striking things about the iPad 2 is that’s dramatically thinner. 33% thinner.”

“The new iPad 2 is thinner than your iPhone 4.”

“It’s really thin… and it comes in two colors. And we’re shipping white from day one!”

“In addition to having both colors, we have models that work with both AT&T and Verizon.”

“Now here we are adding stuff into the iPad. Cameras, faster CPUs, gyroscope and all this stuff. We’ve made it way thinner. Something’s gotta give. You would think we’d have to give up battery life. But we found a way… the same battery life as the original iPad.”

“This has been tried and tested… iPads get 10 hours of battery life.”

“In addition to preserving the battery life, we’ve also preserved the price. The same exact prices.”

“When you add this together with over 65,000 apps… we think 2011 is going to be the year of iPad 2.”

“Just a beautiful product… so when are we going to ship it? April, May, June? No. March 11th.”

“26 countries or more on March 25th. And that is iPad 2.”

“Some other new features. HDMI out. We have a cable that does just that.”

“Something that’s going to be even more popular, we call Smart Covers.”

“We did a case for the original iPad. It worked pretty well, but we went to all the trouble to make this beautiful design, but then covered it up with the case. We thought we could do better than this with the iPad 2.”

“We designed the case right along side the product. It’s not a case — it’s a cover.”

“It automatically wakes the iPad when you open it, and puts it to sleep when it closes it. Now how is this held on? Do we have screws? No — we use magnets.”

“There are magnets in the hinge and the cover. And what would these cases be if they didn’t come in colors. 5 poly, 5 leather.”

“So those are the two accessories. Now let’s go back into the iPad 2, because we have a new release of iOS — iOS 4.3.”

“Along with the iPad 2, we’re releasing the next release of iOS 4.3. It starts with significantly increased Safari performance. We took the Nitro JavaScript engine. Next, iTunes home sharing. It lets you get at all of your content directly over WiFi. Next, AirPlay improvements.”

“When you tap on the AirPlay icon, it looks around and finds your Apple TV. It’s that easy. We’re making it even better in iOS 4.3. If you’re sharing photos, you can use all of the built in slide show options. And now in 4.3, apps from the Store and even websites can do video or audio.”

“Next, this is something we heard from customers. Some customers have said they want to use the switch on the device to quickly mute the device, others have asked for a switch to change the orientation lock.”

“Next, the iPad 2 comes with these new cameras. And we’ve built in some new software — starting with Photo Booth. Let me give you a demo.”

“Here I have an iPad 2 which is mirrored up there. Let me launch Photo Booth. The iPad 2 is so powerful that we’re looking at 9 live video streams at once.”

“That’s Photo Booth.”

“Next is FaceTime. It’s the best and easiest way to video conference. We’re bringing it to the iPad. You can FaceTime between two iPads, between an iPad and an iPhone, or between an iPad and a Mac.”

“From day one, you can FaceTime from your iPad 2 to all the iPhone 4 customers out there.”

“So these are just a few features in iOS 4.3, and this will be out March 11th…”

“In addition to these two apps being built into iOS 4.3, we have two other new apps. And we like doing apps. It can set the bar. It sets the bar high for developers.”

“The first one is iMovie for iPad.”

“Today we’ve got a new version that takes advantage of the iPad 2 and its extra horsepower. I’d like to show it to you.”

“Precision editing, sending HD video around with one tap. A lot of great features in an app we’re going to price at just $4.99. Available on March 11th.”

“Next up… GarageBand for iPad.”

“Touch instruments, you can plug in a guitar if you want, but it’s got touch instruments. Guitar amps and effects, 8 track recording and mixing, 250+ loops…”

“I’m blown away with this stuff. You know, playing your own instruments. Or using the Smart Instruments. Anyone can make music now.”

“So, GarageBand for iPad. This is no toy. You can use this for real work. I cannot tell you how many hours teenagers are going to spend making music with this.”

“So iPad 2 — amazing product. Faster, lighter, thinner. Cameras and gyro. iOS 4.3 and FaceTime. iMovie and GaragrBand. 3G on AT&T and Verizon. Same battery life. Same prices. Black and white. Smart Covers.”

“We think 2011 is clearly the year of iPad 2…”

“This will define the category for years to come.”

“This is worth repeating. It’s in Apple’s DNA that technology is not enough. It’s tech married with the liberal arts and the humanities. Nowhere is that more true than in the post-PC products. Our competitors are looking at this like it’s the next PC market. That is not the right approach to this. These are pos-PC devices that need to be easier to use than a PC, more intuitive.”

“The hardware and software need to intertwine more than they do on a PC. We think we’re on the right path with this.”

“I’d like the teams that worked on this to stand up — give them a round of applause. And as always, I’d like to thank everyone’s families. They support us and let us do what we need to do. They make it possible for us to work our tails off.”


This is a big day in the technology industry. Apple has done it again by pushing the boundaries further and further of we thought was possible!